PIENSO uses Human-in-the-Loop Machine Learning algorithms called Lensing. It uses techniques to shape both algorithms and the user interaction, and provide a real time conduit for validation and change. The more PIENSO is used, the better the system mines, predicts, shows associations, and offers insights on the data collected.

Reflective User Interfaces

Reflective Interfaces provides feedback loops between the user and machine analysis. Addressing the problem of how algorithms decide what is relevant from the data it’s analyzing, PIENSO also presents data in way that  is “human readable” and “understandable” to ensure that insights are actionable.

Sharing Across the Platform

PIENSO supports easy sharing, collaborating, and the manipulation of data across client silos as a plug and play feature.

Core APIs

With easy to use APIs – Send data from your existing applications to PIENSO, create and manage the machine learning process, then return the insights back to your applications.

“Let [wo]men be wise by instinct if they can, but when this fails be wise by good advice.”

Sophocles, Antigone


Don’t miss out on empowering your domain experts to interact directly with the algorithms analyzing your data.

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